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2016 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

It’s pure electric. And pure Mercedes Benz.

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2016 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Design

87 miles of range. 100+ years of depth.

Mercedes-Benz pioneered its first all-electric vehicles in 1906. A century later, the all-electric B 250e is another EV first, because it’s foremost a Mercedes-Benz. Engineered not just as an alternative to gasoline, it’s also a roomy, versatile alternative to EV compromises, letting you enjoy up to 87 miles of range in style and comfort..

Not just class-leading safety. Industry-leading.

Of all the EVs in its class, only the B-Class is a Mercedes-Benz. Standard safety systems include such breakthroughs as ATTENTION ASSIST® to help sense a drowsy driver. New COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS uses radar to help you avoid rear-end accidents with traffic ahead. It can even start braking for you, to help lessen a possible collision.

Plugged or unplugged, it stays connected to you..

The My Mercedes Electric vehicle homepage lets you view your car’s charge status, map its driving range, locate charging stations, preheat or cool the cabin, and more, all from your computer or smartphone via the Chrome™ and Safari® Web browsers. You also get 5 years ofmbrace® Connect and the convenience of its Mobile App on your smartphone.

A little advance planning makes home charging easy.

Say goodbye to your gas station. You can “refuel” your B-Class Electric by plugging it in at home. You can use an ordinary 120-volt outlet, or your dealer can offer a 240-volt charger and installation package that can charge it in just a few hours.

The first EV that uses radar to maximize its range.

The available radar-based regenerative braking system is an EV first. When braking or coasting, a radar sensor watches traffic ahead and adapts the brakes to recapture the optimal amount of energy. Seamless and silent, it helps the driver get more miles from every charge. Steering wheel-mounted paddles offer manual control of recuperation, too.

It might be the first electric car that recharges its driver.

Even with an impressive range of up to 87 miles per charge, the fun-to-drive B 250e will energize you, too. It’s easy to maneuver, eager to merge, suitable for most any commute, and simple to plug in and charge. Just two hours at a common public charging station can juice up its lithium-ion battery enough to go 60 miles. Charging stations are easy to locate via thembrace® mobile app or Vehicle Homepage.

Powered by electricity. But still fueled by passion.

Without a drop of gasoline or a wisp of tailpipe emissions, the B 250e can whisk you to 60 mph in just 7.9 seconds. Its advanced electric motor generates 251 lb-ft of torque (comparable to our best-selling sedan) starting at 0 rpm. So you get the full reward of its performance at any speed. Think of it as the strong, silent type.

By moving everything lower, it elevates your confidence.

Clever packaging creates a compact 5-door with midsize room and sport-sedan fun. The energy module, including its high-capacity battery, is spread out under the cabin floor, for a substantially lower center of gravity. So even with its commanding view and generous space, it offers the nimble, sporty and stable handling of a Mercedes-Benz.

Surprise. A perfect fit for you, your stuff, and your life.

Within its sleek yet space-efficient 5-door design, five passengers enjoy roomy accommodations, plus the versatility of folding rear seats and a wide-opening hatch. The electric drivetrain is minimized under the cabin floor and short hood. As a result, the people space can be maximized, for the comfort and safety expected of a Mercedes-Benz.

Science. Without looking like a science project.

Who says an EV has to look like it came from outer space? The B 250e is designed around its inner space, and engineered to feel glued to the road. Its sculpting is aerodynamic. Its stance is athletic. And its details are iconic, from its grille to its LED taillamps. So it’s sporty, elegant and fresh, without a hint of strange, eccentric or far-fetched.

Genuine. There’s simply no alternative to quality.

From its sporty multifunction steering wheel to its power front seats, the B-Class Electric Drive delivers premium features befitting a Mercedes-Benz. Available luxuries let you tailor its stylish cabin even further, from hand-finished leather and wood, to driving assists that watch your blind spot or even park the car hands-free.

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